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Coping through the change curve
This sheet offers parents information about how they are likely to feel as they go through the separation and tips on how to cope.
1 Coping through the change curve.pdf
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Building children's self esteem
Family separation can knock a child's confidence and feelings of self worth. It's important for parents and other significant adults to help children rebuild good self esteem.
2 Building childrens self esteem.pdf
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Helping children to talk about their feelings
This sheet gives tips on how to help children talk about their feelings and experiences - one of the key things in helping them to cope with the separation.
3 Listening to Children.pdf
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Helping children to adjust
Focusing on children's experiences, this sheet offers advice about helping children to adjust after family separation.
4 Helping children to adjust.pdf
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Improving communications
It's vital that parents are able to communicate effectively about their children's health and well being but this isn't always easy. This sheet has tips on improving communications.
5 Improving communications.pdf
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Negotiations cycle
There are many things that parents need to reach agreement about after separation, from how the children will spend time with each of them to child maintenance. This sheet offers parents a structure to help them negotiate successfully.
6 Negotiations cycle.pdf
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Parenting Plan
A Parenting Agreement (sometimes referred to as a Parenting Plan) is a written statement that both parents sign up to as a way of establishing a framework for the way that they will parent apart.
7 Parenting agreements.pdf
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Parenting Information Exchange
When communications are very difficult, a Parenting Information Exchange sheet or Parenting Phone Call can help to ensure that information about children is passed between parents and arguments are minimised.
PPC PIE Sheet.pdf
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Minimum standards compact
A Minimum Standards Compact is a very simple contract between two parents that establishes the basic rules of behaviour that they both agree to work to.
9 Minimum standards compact.pdf
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Thinking about holidays and other special occasions
A list of things that you may want to think about in order to make the holidays a little easier for everyone.
11 Thinking about holidays and other spe
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