Network service delivery principles

Whilst each of the organisations within the network use their local knowledge to ensure services meet the specific needs of the community they serve, all service delivery is underpinned by five key principles. These are:


Child focussed: a recognition that children are most at risk from separation, being focussed on children's outcomes rather than parents' rights, and working in the common ground between parents;


Family orientated: a belief that children have a right to a relationship with both of their parents, a recognition of the psychological significance of family dynamics in children’s lives, and a belief that, given the right tools, parents are best placed to help children adjust;


Gender aware: a recognition that mother’s and father’s experiences are different, a recognition that men and women present differently, and an understanding that services must be delivered in ways that meet the different needs of men and women;


Person centred: a belief that each person has the power to make change, a belief that the potential for change lies in the power of relationships, and working from where a parent really is rather than where we feel they should be;


Solution focussed: an emphasis on what works rather than what doesn’t, offering parents new tools for sustainable change, and orientating parents away from the past and towards the future.