Supporting Separated Families

With an emphasis on whole family engagement, the training will provide tools and strategies to support practitioners in recognising and responding effectively to families who are separated or at risk of separation. Focussing on children's experiences of separation, the training aims to:


  • reduce the emotional and psychological impact of separation on children;
  • increase the number of children benefiting from effective post separation parenting relationships;
  • increase the number of effective and co-operative arrangements for the care of children after separation;
  • strengthen and maintain relationships between children and both of their parents after separation.


This training is for:

  • Family support workers
  • Children's centre professionals
  • Nursery professionals
  • Family intervention teams
  • Teachers
  • Local authority social services
  • Cafcass
  • NHS health professionals


  • Police and community support officers
  • Government departments
  • Legal professionals
  • Children's guardians
  • Housing officers
  • Urban regeneration experts
  • Others who work with separated families

Training modules include:


  1. Understanding family separation: exploring the myths and stereotypes that surround family separation;
  2. Children's experiences of separation: understanding children's experiences and ways to reduce the emotional and psychological impact on them;
  3. Engaging with parents: strategies and techniques for engaging with parents in ways that promote child-focussed change;
  4. Meeting the different needs of mums and dads: understanding and responding to the different experiences and different needs of mums and dads;
  5. Promoting collaborative post separation parenting arrangements: recognising the blocks and barriers to collaborative parenting and offering tools and strategies to overcome them.

To date, this training has been delivered to around 4,500 professionals in 95 English local authorities working in children's centres, day nurseries, schools, NHS, early intervention, police and other settings.


Listen to a Senior Family Intervention worker from Stoke-on-Trent talking about her experiences of our Supporting Separated Families training.



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