Module Five: Successful communications




  • To help parents to understand the importance of good communication.
  • To help parents to understand different communication styles.
  • To help parents to build empathic listening skills and avoid old hooks.
  • To help parents to start thinking about the future.




Increasing awareness of the importance of good communication

Separated parents often attempt to communicate in the same way as when they were in a relationship. This can lead to the risk of conflict erupting as old patterns are activated. All relationships require good communication skills; emotional literacy and the ability to communicate feelings are an essential part of strong and effective partnerships. If separated parents are to work together in a co-operative relationship, good communication skills are essential. This module concentrates upon helping parents to understand the importance of good communication as the foundation for co-parenting.


Offering skills for communicating differently

Good communication skills take time to learn and must be practiced. This module offers insights into different communication styles, information about communication skills and how to develop these as well as offering time to practice them.


Building empathic listening skills

Separated parents often find themselves in repeating patterns of behaviour which are created by attempting to communicate whilst feeling anxious, angry or distressed. This module offers time for parents to build empathic listening skills, so that talking to the other parent does not trigger a return to old patterns of behaviour. It also offers skills for managing difficulties in communication and for avoiding the situations that lead to conflict.


Building future thinking skills

All separated parents must consider their own future if they are to move on psychologically. This module begins the process of helping parents to think about the future, how they would wish this to be and what kinds of issues they might face as they co-parent together. This module also offers the chance to consider issues such as new partners and how to manage the changing dynamics that this brings.



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