Module Six: Co-operative parenting for life




  • To help parents to understand the importance of strong agreements.
  • To help parents to develop behaviours that will facilitate the reaching of agreements.
  • To help parents learn new negotiation skills.
  • To offer parents tools for use beyond the programme.




Increasing awareness of the importance of strong agreements

A successful co-parenting relationship is underpinned by strong agreements between parents on most if not all of the important issues in their children's lives. This module encourages parents to consider the issues that they are likely to need to make agreements about as well as how to manage those agreements over time.


Offering input on useful behaviours

Strong agreements are supported by parents who are able to behave effectively in times of crisis and change. This module helps parents to build new behaviours for negotiation so that any discussion between parents is undertaken with a commitment to finding a solution that works rather than a desire to win.


Enabling positive negotiation skills

Negotiation skills are key to successful co-operative relationships, this module introduces a cyclical model of negotiation that prepares parents for management of their co-parenting relationship over time.


Enabling parents to take what they need and say goodbye

As the end of the programme approaches, resources are made available to parents for use in building their own co-parenting relationship. The introduction of these resources at this point enables parents to concentrate upon the future and the way in which they will make use of them. This enables parents to manage the ending of the relationship from a solution focused, forward thinking perspective, this builds momentum so that parents are able to take the ending of the programme in their stride.



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