Programme content


Putting Children First is an experiential programme that, through a mixture of information input and participatory exercises, helps parents to build respectful, co-operative and flexible post-separation parenting relationships.


It recognises that every family is different and aims to offer parents the understanding and tools to make their own choices around what will work best for them and for their families. However, this doesn't mean that the programme doesn't set expectations of parents.


Putting Children First is based on five clear principles - child focussed, family orientated, gender aware, person centred and solution focussed. These principles are embedded in the programme content and delivery in order to guide parents towards particular goals.


The programme is delivered in six sequential modules that each deal with a specific area of family separation:


Module One: All about you


Module Two: Your relationship with your child’s other parent


Module Three: All about your children


Module Four: You, your children and their other parent


Module Five: Successful communications


Module Six: Co-operative parenting for life



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